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What is a goldendoodle anyway?

A Goldendoodle is a hybrid cross of a Golden Retriever and a Poodle. They are ideal family companion dogs for people who love the Golden Retriever temperament, but want or need to reduce the shedding of their pet. NO dog can be guaranteed never to cause allergic reactions, but most educated breeders can predict which dogs are most likely not to shed at all or only minimally.

There are many benefits to owning these extremely social dogs! They are non-aggressive and love human companionship. They have a great desire to please and to learn. Because each parent breed consists of intelligent, eager-to-please animals, they are easy to train. Well-bred, socialized goldendoodles are perfect therapy and service dog candidates.

There are health benefits of crossing two completely unrelated breeds. This hybrid vigor, along with genetic health testing, gives the Goldendoodle the health and vitality generally allows them to outlive either one of their parent breeds.

The popularity of the standard Goldendoodle has led to breeders developing size, color, and coat variations to accommodate different lifestyles. Four categories of sizes can now be found and are usually labeled petite (less than 25 lb), mini (25-35 lb), medium (36-50 lb), and standard (51 lb or more).

Here at Ben's Best Buddy Goldendoodles, most of our minis have actually been petite. Our standards have all been over 51 lb. In 2020.

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